What Our Customers Say


“I have been suffering from migraine for over 15 years. Nothing has worked for me, not even painkillers even if I increase the dosage. Chanced upon Panacea Wellness by a friend's recommendation, gave it a try, and IT WORKS! After 3 months of Bioresonance Therapy, the frequency of occurrence as well as the intensity and duration for my migraine attack has much reduced. I am continuing my therapy, and would definitely recommend this to my friends.


“My 7 years old son has eczema since young. It was so bad that not only does it affect his daily life due to the discomfort, it also affected his social activities as other kids tend to laugh about his appearance. After 3 months of Bioresonance Therapy at Panacea Wellness, I noticed visible improvement on his skin. It has been a year since he started his therapy, and I can gladly say his eczema is now a past tense.

Ovarian Cysts

“I was diagnosed with endometriosis since 22 years old and since then, been experiencing reoccurrences of Endometriomas cysts even after surgical removal of the cysts.

In July 2017, I was again diagnosed with 2 cysts, 1 on each ovary.  After going through 3 months of bioresonance therapy, in November 2017, my ultrasound report shows that not only had the cysts reduced in size, the endometrial thickness has also reduced.”

Jasline Ee

Angeline Soh

Lim Shi Jing


“My sleep hasn't been good. I had difficulty falling asleep, as well staying asleep. This therapy has definitely helped me a lot. Not too long after I started my therapy, I seen improvement in my sleep pattern and can now wake up feeling afresh. I was skeptical about such alternative therapy initially, but now I'm convinced.

Hair Loss

“Hair thinning is my biggest issue. During the initial assessment, I was told that my hair fall problem (and slow hair growth) is mainly due to hormonal imbalance and stress. The fear of balding had me diligently attending my therapy sessions on regular basis. Now I see less hair on my pillow/ hairbrush, and I'm beginning to see hair growing.


I had Dermatomycosis in 2009. Since 2009, I have to take lots of medication to control it. I started bioresonance therapy in September 2014, and by end of November 2014, my blood test results show my T cells improved, back to normal range.

Faith Ong

Koh S.K.

Nancy Goh

Parkinson's Disease

“I have been sending my mum for bioresonance therapy almost a year for her Parkinson’s. Since then, she has been able to lead a better quality life with less pain and suffering.”

Retinitis Pigmentosa

“I was diagnosed with an eye condition called Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP) that causes deterioration of one’s eyesight. Since I started bioresonance therapy in December 2014, my eye function has been improving.”

Tan Siew Eng

Jimmy Chua

*Disclaimer: These are the experiences of individuals, results may vary.